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What is off-page SEO?

When it comes to search engine optimization, there are two broad categories of activities that you can take part in. One is on-page SEO, which focuses on making changes to your website’s content. The  navigation and backlinks to improve its visibility in search engines. The other is off-page SEO, which consists of all the activities related to promoting your website online. Specifically, off-page SEO includes building links to your site from other websites. The improving your domain authority through social media channels and more.

Off-Page On-Site Link Building Strategies

There are several off-site on-site link building strategies. That any website owner can use to ensure they get high quality links from other websites. Off site techniques include, but are not limited to guest blogging, press releases, and forum participation. These techniques allow you to gain high quality links from other sites. That are interested in your niche, thus increasing traffic and rankings for your website. While it might take some time for these efforts to produce results in a noticeable way. If done correctly and consistently they will build your brand’s credibility with search engines. Making it easier to rank higher on SERPs in your chosen industry.

Off-Page Site Authority

On-Page SEO refers to ranking techniques that you can do directly on your website. Off-Page SEO refers to techniques that are done away from your website. This includes things like link building, social media marketing, content marketing, and more. In short, it’s about getting others to mention your website. The product/service in their own content so that Google sees it as more authoritative. Other websites need to take responsibility for providing a suitable structure. The environment for search engines to index data they provide; these are called backlinks. If an offsite page has good links pointing towards it, then those links become votes of confidence that tell Google: Hey! This page should rank well because other people say so. Backlinks = votes = success!

Off-Page Domain Authority

Authority refers to your site’s rank in search engines. If your domain authority is high, you can expect that your pages will appear near. The top of a SERP for that keyword phrase. Simply put, more off-page domain authority = better off-page SEO. (Related: Domain Authority)

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Off-Page Page Authority

Page Authority (PA) measures your whole site’s ability to rank well in search engines. It tells you how well a page on your site will rank if it were an individual web page without taking into account links from other pages. In other words, it looks at your entire website as a collection of links and ranks those pages accordingly. Page Authority is one of many metrics that make up Moz’s Domain Authority (DA). However, although PA used to be called Link Popularity, Moz no longer calculates PA based solely on external links from other sites—so you don’t have to worry about off-page SEO backlinks quite so much anymore.

Off-Page Keyword Research

In digital marketing, it’s important to have a well-rounded strategy for off-page SEO. An off-page SEO strategy includes your content and link building efforts. Content creation can include anything from guest posting on relevant websites, to blogging on your own site, to creating visual assets like infographics and slideshows. Regardless of what type of content you’re creating, you want to make sure that each post links back to your site. This will allow search engines (and potential customers) access to more information about your business or organization—which helps with keyword discovery.

Off-Page Press Releases

While on-page optimization helps search engines find and crawl your site, it doesn’t help users find you. This is where off-page optimization comes in. Off-page optimization refers to any action you take outside of your website that increases its visibility and rank in search engines. Although there are a number of off-site strategies that can drive traffic to your site, including link building, social media marketing, and link shortening services like bitly or, one of the most effective ways to bring more traffic to your site is by utilizing press releases via free sites like PRWeb or paid distribution platforms like Business Wire or Marketwire.

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